Facing my new future

With ‘solo life’ unexpectedly now my future, I slowly grappled with the different way of life. The house became too much for me to manage…should I sell it? What if I get sick, or injure myself? I was living alone, but looking for ways to make life more bearable.

Having surgery alone

Nobody to help….just one of many situations.

“Do you have someone to stay with you tonight? No? Then you’ll need to sign a Waiver.” The nurse admitting me to hospital for surgery gazed at me before pushing a form across the desk and indicating where I was to sign. [keep reading]

How to make BIG decisions

I had to learn to trust myself, and my gut.

Should I? But what if…? Maybe if I….? Or I could wait a bit….?
These questions were whirling around my brain at completely inappropriate times but I figured out a way to make super-tough decisions by myself. [keep reading]

Moving house and surviving

It was touch and go there for a while.

The whole process of selling the house, finding another place to live plus all the packing and cleaning brought me to the edge of my physical, emotional and mental limits. Here are some ‘lessons learned’ so you can avoid the pitfalls. [keep reading]

When to start dating again

A story about my ‘accidental date’.

Would you like to go out for dinner?” This post is about the whole ‘dating thing’ after losing a partner. I’ve never been one to shy away from controversial topics however I’ve been putting this topic on the back burner for a long time. [keep reading]

Injuring yourself when you live alone

Some important lessons learned.

This post is taking AGES to write as I only have 9 fingers. One of them is out of action thanks to a ‘kitchen incident’. I was slicing a sweet potato on the mandolin (vegetable slicing gadget), and I noticed lots of blood! Aaargh!! [keep reading]

When you want to run away

Starting to understand how to control my fear.

This post is about FEAR. It’s about what happens when I need to run away…and I can’t. A couple of weeks ago I found myself standing in the kitchen with my heart pounding, hands shaking, sweating and trying not to be sick. Panic attack. [keep reading]