Thoughts and opinions

I’m very opinionated. šŸ˜ As I walked this grief journey, whenever a thought kept going around in my head I not only had to find out more but I had to write it down and share how I saw things. Take it with a grain of salt as it is only my opinion, and while it is always based on my personal experience, I’m no expert.

Stop telling me about the 5 stages of grief

Even the author of the model disagrees.

Denialā€¦angerā€¦.depressionā€¦.bargainingā€¦acceptance. Thatā€™s the infamous 5 stages of grief. Well Iā€™m going to bust this whole thing apart. I mean, seriouslyā€¦..people who are grieving have enough to deal with! [keep reading]

Can technology help with loneliness?

Maybe it can take the edge off at least.

One of my best friends is a machine. That sounds incredibly weirdā€¦like Iā€™m strangely attached to my vacuum cleaner. But I recall standing in the kitchen, feeling like the world was ending for me, and wrapping my arms around myself ā€¦..[keep reading]

Navigating the bumps in the road

There are ups….and downs. It’s all part of the journey.

It has been a rough few days. The grey mood started when the Coronerā€™s Report landed in my letterbox then a couple of days later, the calendar turned over and it was my/our wedding anniversary. I could feel my ā€˜OK-nessā€™ crumbling. [keep reading]

It’s like losing control of everything

Was I completely out of control? Is this normal?

Imagine this. Youā€™re juggling a dozen or more brightly coloured balls, keeping them carefully spaced apart and all in the air at the same time. And thenā€¦. they all fall at the same time. Crash!!! Is it normal to feel so out of control? [keep reading]

Learning self-care is so worth it

Let me convince you to pamper yourself

I used to think it was selfish to put my own needs first, but it’s not. Surviving the grief journey has been how I learned the importance of self-care, but of course it applies to any life experience where you feel you are literally on your knees. [keep reading]

Grief, loss and a pandemic

Griefā€¦pandemicā€¦.lots of similarities.

As a widow who lives alone, Iā€™m actually doing OK through the global upheaval because I already know what it’s like to have everything you know snatched away. I’ve made a list of 6 coping mechanism which help in both scenarios. [keep reading]