Who am I?

This is me!

I’m a widow. There…I’ve said it even though I refused to use that word for quite a while. My husband Norbert was killed in a tragic accident so my life, my future and my identity has changed irrevocably.

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Before that date I was a newly-retired professional. Norbert and I had bought our dream house in a beautiful tropical area (Whitsundays, Australia) where we quickly settled and spent time getting involved in our new community and making new friends. Our families were a long way away, but that didn’t bother us as we had each other. Besides, we knew we were living in the ideal area for a ‘free’ holiday. 🙂

We both loved to travel and had a long bucket-list of travel plans in our shared future. We had just completed a 7 week holiday on the Trans-Siberian Railway and already had tickets booked to head off to Antarctica next. Life was good!

Us with brochures

Unfortunately, Norbert never made it home after that trip to Russia as he died in a glider accident.

So now I am alone. I have four grown-up children plus a step-son who all live in different states and a long way away from me. Norbert and I had met later in life and enjoyed 20 years together….and were expecting to grow old together. I have decided to remain in the area where we had newly settled, so this means I am a long way from family and very much depend on friends.

About this website

This site is for anyone who is grieving, or has experienced any sort of profound feeling of loss. It is also for those supporting somebody who is going through this type of experience.

I began writing simply for my own therapy and to get the thoughts and feelings ‘out of my head’. Over time I came to realise that others were saying ‘me too’ and resonating with what I felt…and wrote. I am no longer updating this as a blog but I leave it here for anyone to read, in the hope that perhaps it is still helpful.

For anyone who has found their way here, hugs to you. I can tell you from experience….it gets better. 🥰