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Is All Grief the Same?

Is All Grief the Same?

This question has been going around and around in my head for a long time now. I’ve needed to write about it but oh…..what a contentious topic! I could just imagine how some might react:
Are you saying your grief is worse than mine?
How can you ‘compare griefs’ – are you suggesting a hierarchy?
Don’t you dare judge my feelings when you don’t know me!

Oh dear. [shudders] My fear of this reaction is why I haven’t broached the subject in the past. I have a strong self-protection instinct… but I also have a need to explore and understand what is going around in my head AND maybe what might help others to understand what’s going on for them too.

Perhaps I should continue to shy away from the topic, but our society doesn’t ‘do death’ very well at all, and I believe it should be something we talk about openly.

So here goes….. [braces herself]…..