Small steps to solo-travel

When my husband died, I also lost my travel partner. We were avid travellers and had literally just gotten off a plane from Russia when his life ended (and I felt mine did too). I thought I’d never be able to travel alone (read….absolutely never!!!) but I did, and I wrote about how I found the courage. Even if your dream is not travel but something else ‘too big and scary to do alone’, perhaps my stories might help.

How to start travelling solo

I started small, but even that wasn’t easy.

I’m not a brave person. I’m an absolute scaredy-cat who suffers anxiety, has no sense of direction, is terrified of public transport and really shouldn’t go far without a responsible adult. So how did I get to be travelling alone? [keep reading]

Learning to travel alone

Having a solo-travel ‘trainer’ helps.

I had lost my travel partner. That was true, but I have a daughter who is a solo-travel enthusiast and she wasn’t having a bar of that kind of negativity. “You can do this Mum” she said, “Just start with a nice, safe country.” [keep reading]

Hiking the Australian Goldfields

My first ‘proper’ solo trip, albeit still in the country.

This trip was a practice run for travelling solo. I started reading up about travelling solo and one of the first things I learned was that it is recommended that newcomers start out in more familiar environments first. So I did. [keep reading]

Italy: The creation of new memories (Pt 1)

Another country this time…can I really do this?

This trip began like all other trips in my past…standing in queues at the airport. I’ve done this plenty of times so why was my heart palpitating a little faster than usual? It was because this was my very first solo trip overseas. [keep reading]

Italy: Gaining self-confidence (Pt 2)

Step by (scary) step….but getting there.

I had to work out which platform to be on and which train to catch. Long story short….I did it! I’m a fully qualified global solo traveller!! 🤩 That’s probably an exaggeration but I’ve done the hardest one…the first. Go me!!!. [keep reading]

The ups (and downs) of my solo trip to England

This trip was amazing… but it didn’t start well.

Despite a less than auspicious beginning with a panic attack at the airport, I did actually make it to England. It was a roller-coaster of experiences, I learned a lot and after 5 weeks away I came home a different person. [keep reading]