Questions I asked myself

I had no idea whether how I was feeling was ‘normal’, or what was the ‘right’ thing to do. I wrote the following posts while I was grappling with some of the hard questions, and trying to find my own way.

What do you do with the ‘Stuff’?

Going through their possessions is so very, very hard.

Some people are hoarders, and some people just like to…well….hang onto stuff in case they need it one day. That was my husband Norbert. But then when he died it became my problem, and it was a BIG one! [keep reading]

Who am I? 5 ways toward finding the new me

Trying to find a new ‘self-identity’.

life was all laid out for me. I was married to my soul-mate and looked forward to the ‘golden years’ ahead. I knew who I was….and I liked that person. Then instantly all this was snatched away from me, leaving me asking “Who am I?” [keep reading]

What should I do with his ashes?

My initial decision was to NOT make a decision.

When Norbert died, it was like I entered into a strange alternative universe. I couldn’t have imagined ever having to consider this question. What a gut-wrenching decision! There is one right answer though, and I’d like to share it. [keep reading]

Is all grief the same?

A highly arguable topic…but I needed to know.

This question has been going around and around in my head. I’ve needed to write about it but oh…..what a contentious topic! I could just imagine how some might react: “Are you saying your grief is worse than mine?” [keep reading]

Where grief and admin co-exist

Why did I agree to be Executor of his estate?

Who is the executor of your estate? You know, the person who will administer your will? I’ve written a lot about the emotions in those times, but this time I want to share some of the practicalities and harsh realities. [keep reading]

The second year should be easier…right?

It can be, but not all the time.

Last night I held a Pity Party. It was a Saturday evening and the weather was deliciously warm and balmy. As the sun went down I turned on the fairy lights on the patio. Sounds lovely? It was…until …my mind suddenly rocketed back…. [keep reading]