Discovering what helped me

As those early days turned into weeks and then months, I began to figure out ways to take the edge off the pain.

Escaping emotional pain with meditation

I badly needed to run from the pain, and this helped.

I didn’t start to meditate because I was looking for enlightenment or because I was pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I began to meditate on the day my husband was killed in a tragic accident, simply because it helped me to survive. [keep reading]

How to take a break from grief

My accidental discovery about living in the present.

Grief…along with anxiety, stress and depression….is just plain exhausting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take even a short break? A mini-holiday? I was about 6 weeks into my grief journey when I discovered that I could do just that. [keep reading]

The positive side of death

Looking for positives in the blackness…and finding some.

Sheesh! What could be positive about having a loved one die! Of course it’s not positive to lose someone you love, but I tried to focus on searching very hard to find some silver linings in what I know is a VERY dark, stormy cloud. [keep reading]

Should I be angry that he died?

I realised I had choices, so I chose what was best for me.

I was asked the question recently…”Do you ever feel anger about what has happened ?” Hmmmm…it made me think. There are certainly a lot of options for anger if I allow myself to go down that path, but I decided to walk away from them. [keep reading]

5 ways to support someone who is grieving

I wrote this post for those who were trying to help me.

I wasn’t always grieving. In fact I used to be a person who tried to support others. Looking back I think I did this very badly though. In fact, I am appalled at the incredibly inappropriate things I said to these poor people. [keep reading]

When you’ve lost the one who touched you

I had to figure out how to make up for what I was missing.

I remember many times while I was immersed in my work at the desk that I would feel strong hands coming from behind me, deftly massaging the tight muscles. Oh, how I miss loving hands on my shoulders. [keep reading]